Founded in 2005, Western Freight Solutions is your one-stop shop to simplify your Supply Chain Solutions needs while offering service that is customer centric. Irrespective of your needs, export, import, inland, domestic or drayage, Western Freight Solutions has you covered.

As an organization we strive to simplify the ever-changing dynamics of the supply chain by micro-managing the finer details of each and every transaction. We firmly believe that the key to success, is to revolutionize the supply chain by offering services that are vertically integrated with each of our suppliers, carriers, customers, and partners all while offering pristine customer service. No hassles, no fuss. Allowing our customers to focus on what they do best, trading.

We have developed the partnerships and synergies in both the East Coast and West Coast of Canada to offer absolute coverage of your needs. Consequently, we aim to enhance and grow the international export markets and drive market penetration with our partners.

Meet the Team

Casey Bassenden
Managing Director
Casey began his career in 2007 as a Financial Analyst within the Airline Industry before gravitating to the world of Supply Chain Logistics in 2014. He is a senior sales professional, manager, director with a successful track record of implementing process improvement that increases overall customer service satisfaction. He combines his previous experience from accounting roles to develop viable and innovative supply chain solutions, that are as cost effective as possible given the current landscape / constraints. This combined experience has also allowed him to develop analytical thinking and logical problem solving. He is a firm believer that success is generated by being solution driven.
Brianne Csuk
Domestic Logistics Director
Brianne has been a noteworthy leader for over 16 years within the supply-chain industry. Accomplished in developing effective processes and directing complex logistics functions for multiple companies and clients while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. She has a passion for mentoring and supporting colleagues and maintaining a highly efficient team atmosphere.
Elisa Paone
Logistics Manager
Elisa has over two decades of experience in Supply Chain Logistics, she started her career in Marine Transportation, she strives to improve the overall efficiencies and throughput of all the details pertaining to each transaction. Over her years in the industry, she has been exposed to all variations of the supply chain, including but not limited to ocean import, ocean exports, administration, accounting, and leading various teams within the forwarding world. This combined experience in the industry allows her to understand your needs and endeavor to offer pro-active solutions to each and every customer.

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